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How to make money online with Adult Content Part 2


So you have decided to make money online with adult content and join the thousands of those making money in the porn industry in Kenya or wherever you are in Africa. Make sure to read part 1 first here.

If you still want to, the first thing you need to do is to make content and make it ready for upload. To do that you need three important things.

  1. Camera and a stand
  2. Performer(s)
  3. Location
  4. PC/Laptop
  5. Internet
  6. Back storage for your content



You need at least a good phone with a camera or if you can afford it a DSLR Camera or if you have a nice starting budget get a camcorder.

It should be able to at least record in 720p and 25 frames/sec. Your videos should not be dark and audio should be audible.

A smartphone around Kes. 25,000 will work. A decent used DSLR camera is Kes. 50k and a new camcorder goes for Kes. 100k.

We’ll go into cameras more in another article.

A stand is obviously necessary but often forgotten. A simple phone stand starts at Kes. 500 while a cheap camera stand starts at Kes. 4,000.



Here you just need yourself. If you have a partner, that’s better but I don’t recommend hiring out. This is expensive as I mentioned in part 1, money flows in slowly to start with and it will take time before the money you earn is enough to hire someone regularly.

The good thing with being by yourself or with just one partner is that you can make as many videos as you can, post consistently, and don’t have to worry about other expenses. In the beginning, it’s all about quantity and consistency. It’s only later that it will be about quality and diversifying your content.

If you are a guy don’t worry, there are a lot of buyers of solo male content who just want videos of you jerking off or naked pictures of you. You’ll need to post under the gay section but you don’t have to be gay to produce this content.

For ladies it’s a lot easier, masturbation and kink videos are always in demand so making solo content by yourself should be easy. Remember, quantity and consistency. Do that and you’ll be fine.



You’ll need somewhere quiet and well-lit. A lot of adult platforms don’t accept content with background voices especially kids playing or crying in the background. 

It should also be well lit that’s why I recommend shooting during the day and hopefully, the room has a big window that allows a lot of natural light. Otherwise, you need to buy lights with one costing at least Kes. 12k and you might need around three. If you loaded, this might not be a problem but if you are beginning and don’t want to go all in, find a nice room with a lot of natural light.

Once you start earning them dollars, you can start booking hotel rooms and Airbnb. Just watch out for the budget and the rooms that fit your plan to shoot.



You will need a laptop or a PC to edit your videos for it to be ready for upload. This is to remove parts in your video you don’t want and to add a watermark to your videos and photos if you want.

It needs at least 8 GB of RAM. You need editing software; I recommend Shotcut for videos, gimp for pictures, and Audacity for audio if you are a beginner as they are free. You can get Adobe Creative Suite if you can afford it.

There are tutorials on Youtube to learn basic editing but after a year you should be comfortable and after 2 to 3 years you might be a pro.



Now that you have edited your videos, you need to upload your content. Internet bundles won’t cut it as videos are usually over 500MB and if you are uploading more than once a week which you should do, bundles get expensive. Therefore get an unlimited monthly subscription, find the cheapest in your area, and get it. Make sure the speeds are decent, 5mps otherwise your content will take days instead of minutes to upload.

You’ll also need to do a lot of research and spend some time on social media marketing your content so unlimited data is really useful.


Backup storage for your content

Your content is your assets that will make you money even if you retire, you can always upload them again 10 years later if people forget about you so you need to make sure it’s safe and always available. Your laptop or phone can be stolen, they can drop in water or someone can break it. Therefore you need to back it up. 

The ways to do this are:

  1. Online storage
  2. External harddisk

We will cover storage later but in short, online storage is a must eventually because external harddisks get lost, corrupted, stolen or damaged. Unfortunately you need to pay for online storage. 15GB by google drive ends up quickly and unless you can create thousands of accounts, so free Google drive is not worth it. External harddisks are great if you move around but also makes it easier to lose or damage them. Get both if you can, get at least one at a minimum.


We’ll continue the series in our next article. You can share questions or opinions with me easily. You can send an email to mailto:[email protected] or send me a message on Telegram at 

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