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Lady Morticia

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Kempton Park


A curvy, tall, naturally dominant, very passionate and sensual lady. It is her pleasure to dominate you, fulfill those fetishes and cravings, show you what passion lies within and submit to your desires. That is correct, this lady is a dominatrix, submissive and nymphomaniac all in one. Scroll down to the section you are interested. ************************************************************* Her DOMINANCE should not be questioned because she is a switch. She demands absolute obedience and manners as a Mistress of the Arts. She dominates her slaves with respect and always with a pleasure for both. She is flexible and very creative in her ways. She deals with requests from light to extreme and has a long list of fetishes of her own. She has a passion for what she does and knows how to give you what you deserve. ************************************************************* Her SUBMISSION does not diminish her dominance, ever. She loves the Arts and all it brings. Feel you are Master enough to give her the enjoyment she craves to submit to your dominance? From light to extreme to dark, she awaits to see what you are made of, to see and feel what you are capable of. So are you able to make her submit to your whim and will? ************************************************************* Nymphomaniac. A craving for sexual pleasure in all forms. An open mindedness that defies the logic. You got the fantasy, she has the passion. From hourly to overnight, to daily set bookings to a getaway. She loves being spoiled and spoiling. Tag team, gang bang, couples, individuasl, even the naughty girlfriend experience. Your fantasy, her reality. Do not miss out on the wet, juicy, loving, adventurous, open minded exploration in a sexual appetite awaiting to be satisfied. ************************************************************* Bookings are essential, be clear in which section you are interested in, what your desires are and where you have seen the ad. On request a full list of available sessions in that section will be sent to you. Time wasters will not be tolerated or entertained. Unknown numbers will not be answered. Whatsapp is available for some more information and is one of the preferred methods to distribute informational text. Emails will be answered as detailed as possible.


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